Christa Hallett

I like taking an active role in executing our corporate vision and enhancing the client experience. While others are looking for their keys, looking for the meaning of life, or looking for a good restaurant, I am on your side looking to find ways to add value to the benefits plan.

I am constantly asking “What’s Next?” as I know there are a number of ways employers can automate their processes and free up their time for more strategic endeavors. As the Project Leader on HR Technology and Automation, I give new meaning to “paper cut”. Be sure to ask me about it!

Beliefs: It’s important to be present and mindful in all that you do. It’s also important to get a nice present once in a while.

Looking for my information about my career – where I’ve been and what roles I’ve played? Check out my LinkedIn profile and be sure to connect with me so we can stay in touch.