Meet the Team

Tim Doherty, President

I run my business much like a hockey coach runs a team. I recruit the best people, make sure they have the fundamental skill sets and understand the game plan, and then I enthusiastically encourage them to perform to the best of their ability. If they mess up, I bring out my whistle and they do sprints.

I have been in the business for a long time – like back in the days when fax paper curled after printing and before HIPAA Privacy Rules. And as much as I know about the old way of doing things, I take pride in staying on top of emerging trends to propel your organization.

Beliefs: April 12th should be recognized as a national holiday to commemorate Providence College’s win in the Frozen Four National Championship.

My LinkedIn profile shares all the nitty gritty of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. Check it out, send me a connection request and let’s have a chat.

Angela Crangle, Consultant

I was very excited about the idea of working in a boutique firm. The focus on creating a custom service model targeted to a select group of clients was appealing. But I also thought that I would be surrounded by designer handbags and shoes in the boutique. Alas, we are not. Instead, we’re surrounded by amazing clients who love the customized services we provide!

Helping you engage employees with their benefit plans is a really fun part of my role. I can get a little dorky about creating wellness calendars, expanding benefit offerings and developing employee communications. And it’s much more fulfilling than studying the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Beliefs: I can only go so long without my Maine accent slipping out.

Want to know more about me? Great! Check out my LinkedIn profile for my career details, and send me a connection request while you’re there.

Christa Hallett, Consultant

I like taking an active role in executing our corporate vision and enhancing the client experience. While others are looking for their keys, looking for the meaning of life, or looking for a good restaurant, I am on your side looking to find ways to add value to the benefits plan.

I am constantly asking “What’s Next?” as I know there are a number of ways employers can automate their processes and free up their time for more strategic endeavors. As the Project Leader on HR Technology and Automation, I give new meaning to “paper cut”. Be sure to ask me about it!

Beliefs: It’s important to be present and mindful in all that you do. It’s also important to get a nice present once in a while.

Looking for my information about my career – where I’ve been and what roles I’ve played? Check out my LinkedIn profile and be sure to connect with me so we can stay in touch.

Pat Mingolelli, Consultant

AKA “Rainman.” Not entirely sure why. But perhaps it’s because I can calculate the rate impact for plan design changes in my head. To the penny. Or maybe it’s my encyclopedic knowledge of the small group product market. Either way, I would rather be known as a scratch golfer, but I guess you have to play the hand you’re dealt.

My current addiction is my Apple watch. And not just because it tells me to stand up every hour, which is nice. But I’m looking to have it do even more heavy lifting: like working on an app that creates renewal presentations for my clients.

Beliefs: All Italian food should be made from scratch, including the sausages and the mozzarella.

I’ve been doing this a long time and have many ideas and experiences to share. Look me up on LinkedIn and let’s compare stories!

Bob Fitzgerald, Business Development

I like chasing after the next client that will fit our customer profile, an employer that is forward thinking, dedicated to their employees, and understands the role that Human Resources plays in the success of the organization.

Meeting with prospective clients starts with a simple discussion about your organization, your goals and your challenges. I’ll leave the complex discussions to quantum physics. You can find me on LinkedIn.

Beliefs: Starbucks is one of the five major food groups.

Stacy Barrow, Director of Compliance

Stacy is “all knowing” when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. We believe that he is one of the few people in the country who has read all 20,000+ pages of the law and its regulations. Any question that we bring to him on the ACA, ERISA or compliance is responded to in English and not legalese.

There is no situation regarding benefits compliance that surprises him. His motto should be “I’ve Got This” but with more gravitas.

Beliefs: The ACA guarantees me lifetime job security.

Find me on LinkedIn.

Jules Hindman, Worksite Wellness

I provide the framework for Pinnacle clients to execute their wellness program. It’s no secret that wellness initiatives that are an integral part of a corporate culture will reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and improve workplace morale and employee retention.

When it comes to nutrition, I walk the walk, and talk the talk. I am a true Wellness Champion available to support your organization and implement your wellness strategy. You can find me on LinkedIn.

Beliefs: If you eat well you perform well.

Mark Markell, Director of Executive Benefits


Mark is the Director of Executive Benefits. With nearly 30 years of experience, he specializes in working with companies of all types and sizes, such as small law firms, to national retail chains, large unions, and hospitals. Mark’s experience is in key executive benefits as they are a critical component of any corporate benefits strategy.

Douglas Hall, Director of Employee Benefits


Doug is the Director of Employee Benefits and oversees all aspects of Client Services. He specializes in working with clients daily to meet their service expectations and provide employee benefit service solutions. He also interfaces with the carriers on a regular basis on behalf of the client.

Michael Murray, Director of Employee Benefits


Michael is a Director of Employee Benefits which assists businesses in the area of employee benefits, executive benefits, retirement plan solutions, and human capital management. He consults with clients to develop creative solutions and strategies which ensure that the significant financial resources allocated to these key areas are optimized and aligned with the company’s objectives.

Michael spent over 20 years in high technology sales, sales management, and business development with both early-stage venture backed firms and Fortune 500 organizations. He was responsible for launching new products, establishing new markets, spearheading numerous innovative business initiatives while building and managing several national sales organizations.