Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Customers won’t love your company until your employees love it first.

The investment you make into employee benefits for your team and their families is significant, both in time and money.

Maximizing the return on this investment requires meaningful, year-round communication. Studies show that the more information employees receive about their benefits, the better engaged they are with their employer. The advantage? Increased job satisfaction and higher retention rates.

Sounds great, right? But maybe a little time consuming? And where are you going to come up with that time? That’s where Pinnacle HR Solutions comes in. We know what an effective communication strategy looks like and we’ll help you put it in place in a way that allows you to continue playing the other critical roles you have in your company.

An effective communication strategy educates employees on what benefits they have, helps them when it’s time to use the benefits, and continuously reinforces the value of the benefits. In other words – we help you look really good to your employees all year round.

    Our areas of focus are:

  • Benefit communication materials
  • Videos and decision support tools
  • Open enrollment guides
  • On-site enrollment meetings
  • Employee surveys