Benefits & HR Compliance

Employee benefits & HR compliance

Meeting employee needs is a challenge. Meeting government requirements is not optional.

You need reliable resources. We provide them. Compliance isn’t easy and you’ve probably got a lot of questions and need help with compliance filing deadlines. We’re very familiar with the ups and downs that come with government regulations, and thankfully we have a team who believes that staying current with all of it makes a great career.

They’re always on top of the latest changes related to healthcare reform and other governmental regulations in order to keep you on top of them as well.

As your advisor, we partner with you to assess your needs. We’ll prioritize and mitigate risks and be there to guide you through every step of the process. To keep it in perspective, it’s important to recognize that compliance is really more of an ongoing process than a milestone to reach, pass and leave behind. We’ve put systems in place so we can help you effectively anticipate and manage this ever-changing landscape.

    When you work with our compliance team, we’ll provide:

  • Compliance & Audit resources
  • Dedicated experts
  • Alerts and news updates
  • Webinars
  • Audit services